Emerging Leaders Committee

Emerging Leaders Committee

Jeff Valeros, Chair

The Emerging Leaders Committee plans events to promote young professionals and emerging leaders to be more active in APWA. Our Committee is looking for individuals to help plan network building events, happy hours, career building educational seminars, and support for the internship program. Our goal is encourage more emerging leaders and young professionals to become members of APWA and assume leadership roles within the Chapter. 

Our committee is actively recruiting volunteers to help coordinate events and share ideas to increase membership and participation in Chapter activities. For more information, contact the Emerging Leaders Director, Jeff Valeros at 925-313-2031 or Jeff.Valeros@pw.cccounty.us

We have a new sub- committee for the internship and scholarship program. Please contact: Brandon Hays (brandon.hays@weareharris.com), Mike Hagerty (mhagerty@ghirardelliassoc.com), and Will Lai (William.Lai@dublin.ca.gov) if you are interested in getting an internship, employing an intern, or volunteering.

    Total Member : 7
  • Ms. April Malvino
  • Mr. Mike Hagerty, PE
  • Mr. Jeffrey Valeros
  • Ms. Joanna C. Kwok
  • Mr. Christopher Carl Catbagan, PE
  • Mr. Brandon Hays, PE
  • Mr. William Lai

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